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Billur Lighting was founded in 1958. Since its inception, the company has worked diligently to ensure it provides a high standard of lighting to support a high quality of life for its valued clients. Billur Lighting is one of the pioneers of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment manufacturers and providers in Turkey.


Under three generations of family leadership, Billur Lighting has transformed itself from a small lantern company into a successful domestic brand intent on bringing to its clients the best in style, quality and value. Billur Lighting thrives on personal relationships, regional roots, inspiring design and a family atmosphere that is encouraged at every level of our company.


For over half a century, Billur Lighting’s product range has gone through a transition of significant enhancements and the company works to focus on continuing product development. The product selection is an inspiring combination of aesthetic appeal, stellar performance, easy installation, and “innovative” design with the ability to adapt to customer needs. In addition, with our experienced team of designers and architects, we are able to offer custom designed products to our customers’ individual and corporate projects.


Believing that development and diversity, the sharing of knowledge and experience, education and effective communications are necessary in the lighting sector, Billur is committed to providing the glitter that illuminates peoples’ lives, as they embrace the bright future of Turkey.



To continue to be one of the main leading manufacturers of innovative, environmentally-friendly, top-quality decorative lighting fixtures for the residential and commercial markets. As a recognized leader in the lighting industry, it is our responsibility to deliver superior value to our customers on a consistent basis. This commitment permeates everything we do, driving us to continuously develop and improve our products and the processes necessary to fulfill today’s needs for high quality lighting solutions.



Billur Lighting aims to be recognized throughout the world as a global industry leader in both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to residential and commercial customers. At the heart of our product philosophy is our company-wide commitment to the production of the most innovative and highest quality products, the best service, personal attention and a variety of affordable prices for all audiences.


We also want to form strategic partnerships to strengthen our competitive position and create lasting value for our customers.


To fill the world with light by delivering exceptional experiences to every client, every time…



Billur Lighting believes that continuously striving to excel at the following core set of values will lead to long-term profitability, growth and enhanced ability to serve its clients.


Act with Honesty and Integrity

It is expected of all employees to take personal responsibility for their standard of behavior and for the decisions they make every day. Honesty and Integrity must always be at the core of those decisions. Both of these attributes are held in the highest regard at Billur Lighting and will always guide us to “Do the Right Thing.



At Billur Lighting, we keep our promises and provide products with guaranteed quality. We ensure this as we are committed to providing our customers excellent service with our industry trained and knowledge sales team.



Billur Lighting is an industry challenger and innovative in finding new solutions using both current and new technology. We are a business oriented company giving our customers value by helping them save money, energy and the environment. Our beacon is that we contribute to a renewable future by offering our customers sustainable lighting solutions.



At Billur Lighting we are open minded and flexible to adapt to our customers’ needs enabling us to provide tailored solutions that are right for the specific customer. Our size allows us to be fast from idea to market. The customers should feel that we are fast and responsive in a way that is superior to our competitors.


Cultivation of Long-Term Relationships with our Clients

We believe that every project is an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. By constantly delivering on promises and adhering to our core values, we forge long term relationships and build mutually beneficial partnerships that last.